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At Challenger Auto & Truck, we want to make sure you’re always enjoying the peak driving performance your vehicle can provide you. A crucial part of the overall vehicle performance is your vehicle’s suspension and steering, which could quickly ruin the experience if they begin to experience issues. At our shop, we make sure you’re always driving with comfort and precision, as we offer full-service suspension repair and maintenance. Our Certified technicians take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your vehicle’s suspension is always finely tuned. Whether you need a spring replaced or you need the system realigned, know that our team always has you and your vehicle covered!

Is Your Suspension Failing?

The best way to maintain the performance of your vehicle’s suspension system is to have it routinely repaired and maintained. But along with that, it helps to understand when it’s experiencing signs of wear-and-tear or failure. Here are just a few suspension trouble signs that you should be aware of!

Inconsistent Steering

As your primary source of control when on the road, your vehicle’s steering wheel must always be operating with accuracy and precision. If you notice that you have to turn the wheel at odd angles to keep the vehicle straight; you’re likely dealing with wheel misalignment. Unfortunately, this is a common issue that can happen pretty easily, as hitting small potholes or curbs can knock the system out of alignment. This can be inconvenient and even annoying to drive with, so we recommend service with our team as soon as possible!

Uncomfortable Driving

When the suspension system is operating correctly, it should make your drives relatively smooth. You should not feel any of the small bumps and imperfections you find on the road. If your drives progressively get rougher, there may be something going on with the suspension system, and specifically the shock absorbers. As the name implies, shock absorbers help “absorb” much of the bouncing and shaking you would experience while driving. Without it, there will be a lot more bouncing and rumbling while you drive, which could lead to an uncomfortable driving experience.

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Do your drives feel a lot more uncomfortable? Do you feel every bump and imperfection on the road? There may be something wrong with your vehicle’s suspension system, and Challenger Auto & Truck in Pasadena, Maryland, is here to help fix that. Our Certified technicians utilize our state-of-the-art equipment and their years of experience to handle any and every issue your vehicle’s suspension may be experiencing. From poor wheel alignment to a broken ball joint, we have the services and expertise your vehicle deserves! Visit our shop on 224 Mountain Road or give us a call at (410) 439-8900 and schedule your suspension service! You can find us right next to Anne Arundel Seafood!