Preventative Maintenance in Pasadena, MD

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Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance

Every vehicle owner understands just how important routine preventative maintenance is to their vehicle. It’s because of these vital services that you’re able to enjoy the performance and longevity of their vehicle. Not following a maintenance plan can hinder your vehicle’s health and performance greatly, and Challenger Auto & Truck is here to help. Our shop in Pasadena, Maryland, is stocked with the equipment and professionals needed to ensure your vehicle is always at its best. Our Certified technicians can perform any service you may need, from wheel alignments to oil changes, using state-of-the-art equipment. We make sure high-quality parts go into your vehicle, so you can feel confident in its performance for miles to come!

Is Your Vehicle Due For Service?

For your vehicle to perform at its best, it must go through a routine preventative maintenance schedule. Not only will you be experiencing the best version of your vehicle, you’ll be experiencing it for years to come! But to go through a routine schedule, you need to determine when exactly your vehicle will need service. Here are a few ways you can determine when your vehicle is due for maintenance!

Check The Sticker

After most maintenance service visits, shops will place a small sticker at the top left corner of your windshield. On this sticker, it will list the date and mileage for when your vehicle will need service next. If you’re unsure for when your vehicle needs service, one of your safest bets is to reference this sticker. By scheduling a service close to the suggested date or mileage interval, you’ll be following a consistent service schedule established by the technicians themselves!

Reference The Owner’s Manual

If you’re still unsure when your vehicle needs service, you can never go wrong with referencing the owner’s manual. This manual was created to be vehicle owners’ reference guide for whatever service they may need. The manual will offer clear indications for when your vehicle will need service and what components or systems will need attention. By following the manual, you’ll be going through maintenance services at the exact times that the manufacturer’s intended!

Schedule an Appointment

For you to see the performance you want from your vehicle long-term, it must go through a routine preventative maintenance schedule. At Challenger Auto & Truck, we make sure all the key components and systems are in working order. Our Certified technicians take a full view of your vehicle and ensure everything is working order by using state-of-the-art equipment and service techniques. Whether you need an oil change or a wheel alignment, know that our team has you covered. Just give us a call at (410) 439-8900 and schedule a maintenance service with our team. If you’re in the area, feel free to visit us on 224 Mountain Road and schedule an appointment in person. We’re located right next to Anne Arundel Seafood!