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Extensive Brake Repair & Maintenance Available

Out of all the safety systems found in your vehicle, few things leave you in more control of your safety than the braking system. It’s because of this system that you’re able to navigate busy roads and stop suddenly if needed. At Challenger Auto & Truck, we want to make sure your car or truck always offer you that safety and performance. Our shop is home to some of the most skilled Certified technicians in the industry. They use their extensive knowledge of the industry, braking systems, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your vehicle is always braking with precision and accuracy. Stop by our shop in Pasadena, Maryland, and find out what our team can do for your vehicle’s braking system!

Do You Need Brake Repair?

One of the best ways to maintain the performance and safety of your vehicle’s braking system is to understand when it shows signs of degradation and failure. Having this information allows you to get ahead of the problem well before something serious happens. If you have a more technical mind for automobiles, you may even be able to fix the issue yourself!

Squealing or Grinding

The brake pads help protect your brakes from experiencing metal-to-metal contact, which could cause significant damage to the overall system. If you begin to hear squealing or grinding coming from the brakes, that’s a clear sign the brake pads are wearing thin. If you hear squealing, that indicates that the brake pads are at their bare minimum. If you hear grinding, that lets you know that the pads have fully worn and that the metal calipers are squeezing on the metal brake disc. Regardless of what you hear, you must stop by for service as soon as possible to prevent additional damage from occurring to your vehicle.

Pedal Close to The Floor

When you press the brake pedal, it should immediately activate the braking system. Even minimal pressure should have the system working, so if you’re placing additional pressure to activate the brakes, you’re likely dealing with an issue. We’re specifically talking about a spongy brake pedal, which occurs when air or moisture is trapped within the brake lines. Make sure you have this issue serviced promptly, as continuing to drive with this issue could cause the pedal to meet the floor!

Let Us Help You!

The braking system is crucial to the overall health and safety of your vehicle. If even one component is beginning to fail, that could place you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road in danger! Make sure your vehicle always has a strong braking system and schedule a visit with Challenger Auto & Truck in Pasadena, Maryland. Our Certified technicians have an extensive understanding of the braking system and how each component contributes. Using this knowledge and our state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee that your vehicle’s braking system will operate at its best and safest. Just stop by our shop on 224 Mountain Road or give us a call at (410) 439-8900 and schedule your next service today! You can find us right next to Anne Arundel Seafood!